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Mission Statement
Vitae Amor Life Changing Seminars

The Mission of Vitae Amor Seminars is to express our positivity, passion and dedication by bringing happiness and freedom to the world by changing lives. To that end we value all individuals by bringing them the tools, education, understanding and ongoing support to bring them home to themselves and their families.

What Type of People Benefit from the Vitae Amor Seminars?

People come to Vitae Amor from all walks of life.

They all have one thing in common, a true desire to make positive changes to their lives.

Vitae Amor Seminar PArticipants

What People Are Saying

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Are you ready to make a positive change in your life?


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Vitae Amor Seminars – Safety Beach Retreat – 22nd -25th September 2017

At 7:00 pm
Don Bosco Camp, Entrance at 6 Victoria Crescent, Safety Beach

Numbers are limited. Don’t miss out on the upcoming seminars!


Are you ready to make a positive change in your life?

Vitae Amor Seminar Benefits

Our Seminars Pave the Way for New Ways of Being.

Vitae Amor will assist you in developing the tools, strengths and confidence necessary to achieve the quality of life you desire and deserve.

A Deeper Awareness of Who you Truly Are

Your Vitae Amor experience will deepen your awareness of how you can shift the things that don’t work as well as you might like in your life while reinforcing the things that do.
Your experience will help you lead a more heart-centred life of greater loving, compassion, and acceptance.


Learn to Work With your Emotions

Learn to work with emotions, use practical and straightforward techniques and develop skills which give you direct access to your radiant potential.


True and Lasting Life Transformation

Expect to become a catalyst for inspirational life-altering results that will produce extraordinary personal and professional breakthroughs empowering you to become a positive influence at home, work and in your community for generations to come.


By the End of the Seminar

By the end of the Vitae Amor Seminar you will have;

  • Peace of Mind
  • A new focus and direction in life
  • Greater understanding and value of what is important in life
  • Reconnection and better relationships to self and family members
  • More appreciation and trust
  • Energized, free, transformed, reconnected, aware and happy!

The transformation that occurs during this workshop will combine healing, promote self responsibility, will provide relief and will open your eyes to lifes important values and priorities.

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