Who Participates in the Seminars

People come to Vitae Amor from all walks of life –fitness instructors, teachers, therapists, lawyers, accountants, stay at home mums, doctors, nurses, students, truckies, engineers, entertainers, artists, musicians, authors, parents, grandparents, couples, singles and homemakers.
People all very different from one another yet they all seem to have one thing in common…they feel that there is something fundamentally missing from their lives, and searching for an experience of greater happiness, fulfilment and meaning.

Some people come wanting to experience greater success in their chosen careers, or to resolve issues in their relationships. Some come wanting to resolve things from their past or experience greater inner peace. Some are looking for a deeper sense of their own divinity or connection with their heart or source.

The beauty of Vitae Amor is the way the programs are structured; people are given the opportunity to discover what they are looking for and learn tools to use in their day to day lives to support them in creating the life that they desire.

Vitae Amor Seminar Attendees
Vitae Amor Seminar Benefits

The Benefits of Vitae Amor Seminars

Vitae Amor will assist you in developing the necessary tools, inner strengths and personal and professional confidence necessary to achieve the quality of life you desire and deserve. Your Vitae Amor experience will deepen your awareness of how you can gain control of your life and more importantly feel happiness in the experience. Your experience will help you lead a more heart-centred life of greater loving, greater compassion and acceptance of others as well as yourself.

We will show you tools and techniques that will help you to;

• Achieve a greater awareness of your true Self, your unlimited potential and positive qualities
• Clarify your life goals, objectives, and ambitions
• Produce more of what you truly want in this life and less of what you don’t want or settle for
• Increase self-confidence and self-esteem along with developing a more positive attitude
• Take greater control over challenging life situations
• Improve your ability to deal with problems
• Deepen and understand the relationships in your life
• Step past limiting beliefs that keep you from thriving
• Manage stress more effectively
• Experience greater understanding, compassion and forgiveness of yourself and others
• Learn to trust your inner voice

Is Vitae Amor  for You?

Only you will be able to decide if Vitae Amor Seminars are for you. Be guided by your own intuition and desire for change, it’s not about relying on outside information; it’s about relying on your willingness for change.  It’s not words that create the experiences, it is the work and desire you have for change and trusting the process.

You will know if the time has come to participate in this seminar.
More than that, we suggest you follow your “heart” or your “intuitive knowing” or your “gut.” Trust yourself. If you get that there is more for you in your life than you are currently experiencing, then take that leap of faith and trust Vitae Amor is right for you.

Is Vitae Amor Right For You?

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