Jananta Dwipa

Janata Dwipa

Jananta Dwipa

Niskala Healing - Spiritual guidance and meditation therapy

These weekend workshops are an opportunity for you to move forward; letting go of disturbing memories and thoughts that have a negative impact on your daily life. As one of the VA team, with almost thirty years experience in many styles and techniques of personal development therapy, I will help you to move the energy that is holding you back from realizing your dreams for happiness and vitality. We endeavour to create a safe and open space in which you may relax in order to let go. You will experience a journey of transformation, that may well begin with pain and confusion, all the way through to clarity and joy. I aim connect with each and every participant with empathy and sincerity, offering my skills on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually in order maximize the benefits as you travel that sometimes difficult path.

The outcomes are as much humbling as they are beautiful, as you become more connected to the truth of your essential self.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
1407008w Vitae Amor Seminars – Safety Beach Retreat – 13th – 16th April 2018 3 Days April 13, 2018