Vitae Amor Seminars
Frequently ASked Questions

Below are some common questions that we get asked. If you have a question or would like to chat to one of our facilitators, please dont hestiate to call us or drop us an email here.

What are the arrival times and departure times?

You are asked to arrive from 6pm on the Friday, this allows you to make your bed and to settle in. We like to start at 7pm sharp. If you are delayed because of traffic please let us know as this is a group participation seminar, we have to wait for everyone to arrive before we can begin. Departure times are from 4pm on the Monday afternoon.


Is there parking available?

Yes there is adequate parking at all venues.


What do I need to bring with me?

Upon expression of interest you will be provided with an information package highlighting everything you will need to bring.

Do you supply all meals?

Yes we supply all meals. Friday night is a light supper late in the evening, so it might be good to eat something before arriving. We also provide morning and afternoon tea and fruit, tea, coffee and herb teas.

What if I have special dietry issues?

We can cater for all dietary concerns. In your information pack you will be asked to complete a form highlighting your special dietary requirements, this enables us to be able to cater for your special needs.

Is it best to do this course alone or with your partner?

You can do this alone or with a partner. It can be a great way of resolving any relationship issues you may have and you will leave the seminar learning more communication tools and techniques to prevent things ‘getting on top of you.”

Can I bring my ipad and laptop?

No we ask that all ipads and laptops stay at home. In all our seminars we provide the tools and equipment that you will be require. You can bring your favourite pen if that makes you feel comfortable.

Am I able to record some of the seminar?

No recording devices are allowed in these seminars.

Can children do this course?

If we can generate the numbers we are happy to run a weekend seminar for children. This would be a two day seminar and will finish on Sunday evening.

I have a troubled teenager, does this course apply for them?

Yes these courses are fantastic for troubled teens and it will give them tools that will change their lives forever. In fact it is a great rite of passage into adult hood and has been used as such for many of the facilitators in the team.

Can I leave at night?

No this is a residential workshop and you are asked to not leave at night. There is a commitment asked from you to complete the work to be done here.

Can we drink alcohol during the seminar?

No alcohol and no drugs are allowed on the premises. To get the best results form this seminar we suggest that you abstain from drinking two weeks prior to your seminar to enable you to be clear and focused.

Is smoking permitted?

Yes the smoking of cigarettes is allowed in designated outside smoking locations. No smoking is allowed in any rooms.

Do I have to share a room?

Depending on the location of your seminar we do offer a premium booking where you are provided with your own double room and ensuite bathroom. We are happy to cater for you according to your budget.