Hugs are special, we all need hugs.
Even when you feel you want to be left alone, go and get a hug.
It will make you feel better.
Go ahead and try it.

The best hugs are the ones are long and tight hugs.
Give big bear hugs that let a woman know she is safe and it lets a man know that he is loved.

Give six hugs for six seconds. This is a good daily quota to help you stay healthy and happy.
Six hugs a day will fill your hug quota.
If you do not have anyone to hug then buy yourself a teddy and hug them.
You can hug animals to.
Dogs, cats, horses and our pets like  hugs.

The best hugs are the ones when you can look into the person’s eye and then hug.
It lets you know that you care.
Go forth and find your first hug of the day now.

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