Listen to yourself

Listen to yourself

Now you have asked yourself what it is that you need, learn to listen to your inner voice.

It is also important to listen to your outer voice to.
Tape yourself having a conversation with others. When you are by yourself then play the conversation back.
Do you talk most?
Do you ask questions and listen to what others have to say?
Are you interested in what others think or feel?
Would you be interested in others listening to what you have to say?
Do you change topics?
If so Why?
Do you want to hear what others have to say?
Do you interrupt others talking?
Would you like others to interrupt you?
Do you turn the conversation to fit your own needs?
How would you feel if others did this to you?

The art to good communication is good listen.
We all want to be heard.
Hear others and then they will want to hear you.

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