Love yourself

Love yourself

In this world there is only one form of love that is true and is always there.
That is the love of self.

Other people in our lives may come and go.
We can spend time with other people, though ultimately we have the choice as to whether we want to share our time with them or not.
The one person that we have to share our lives with is ourselves.
We have to live with ourselves for the rest of our lives.

Why not make it easier on yourself and love yourself.
I believe that we never really love another until we have found that true sense of inner love within ourselves.
Do the things that you love to do.
Be in the environments that you love to be in.
Surround yourself with the people that make you feel happy, loved and loving.
You have the power to choose whatever you do in your life, so fill your day with loving thoughts, actions and beliefs about yourself.

If you make a mistake, give yourself a peck on the cheek, then get up and start again.
Forgive yourself, love yourself and move on.

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