Meet Our Facilitators

Meet the facilitators at Vitae Amor Seminars. Our facilitators have years of expertise and have worked in this industry for over 25 years.

They know the importance of individualised treatment protocols and are here to love, support and challenge you to be the true person that you really are.

They have the life experience and will know what works best for you, with the added bonus of being able to provide ongoing support and healing.

This is the beginning of a new way of being, not doing. You will be empowered to start making positive changes to all the challenges that life brings you and you will find yourself being more connected to the real you that you are.

If you truly want to commit to finding inner peace, joy and wellbeing, then our seminars are for you.


Louise Plant

Holistic Nutritionist, Master Herbalist, Naturopathy, Life Support

Jananta Dwipa

Niskala Healing - Spiritual guidance and meditation therapy