Vitae Amor Detox Retreats


All natural healing & detoxing with acclaimed herbalist & nutritionist Louise Plant

The Detox Retreats on the Peninsula

Vitae Amor Seminars is offering detox retreats for those who are ready to cleanse and purify.
If you have been
•    Lacking in energy and motivation
•    Feel tired and just have no ‘get up and go.’
•    Start the day feeling good and then end up feeling exhausted
•    Want to find a local location to learn more about healthy eating
•    Want to detox your gut, liver or entire body
•    Want to learn  ways to lose weight and keep it off
•    Just want to just feel ‘good’
•    Want to exercise more
•    Are struggling with chronic illness or addictions
•    Suffer from depression, anxiety and just feel ‘toxic’

Then enquire about one of our Vitae Amore Detox retreats.
These retreats are held in the Mornington Peninsula, in a relaxed, safe and inspiring location and are facilitated with experts in their field to provide you with a detox program to suit your needs.

Vitae Amor Detox Retreats Mornington Peninsula
Vitae Amor Detox Retreats

The Detox Programs

You will be able to undertake a detox of your choice including programs for
•    Gut repair and healing
•    Liver cleansing and detox
•    Gall bladder cleansing and flush
•    Complete body flush
•    Fasting, juicing or raw food diets of your choice
•    Energetic cleansing
•    Healing and support through your processes

Once you become part of the Vitae Amor Community you will be provided with ongoing support, healing and monthly forums.

We offer a 3 day, 5 day or 7 day package to suit your needs.

Each individual will be consulted as to which program best suit their needs and health status.

Our aim is to enhance your health at an individual basis and the healing provided works on the body, mind, emotions and soul. We also aim to guide you through a process to greater wellbeing and vitality.

The Benefits of the Detox Programs

The benefits you will obtain from doing this detox programs;

•    You will feel revitalised and motivated
•    You will have simple and easy information about health creation and maintenance
•    You will feel your subtle energies aligned and cleansed
•    You will learn more about healthy eating choices and recipes
•    You will be provided with ongoing support to greater wellbeing
•    You will have a personal health assessment with individualised ongoing healing
•    You will be pampered and cleansed
•    You will learn the key tips to all aspects of vitality and wellbeing
•    You will have knowledge as to the core and pivotal points to creating a happier and healthier life
•    You will have greater understanding of your body
•    You will be able to empower yourself and your family
•    You will be supported and guided through your entire cleanse process

Deox Retreats

The solution to all your problems can be found here at Vitae Amor Detox retreats.

Our facilitators have years of expertise and have worked in this industry for over 25 years. They know the importance of individualised treatment protocols and are here to love, support and challenge you to be the true person that you really are.
They have the life experience having understand a wide variety of detox programs and will know what works best for you, with the added bonus of being able to provide ongoing support and healing.
This is the beginning of a new way of being, not doing. You will be empowered to start making positive changes to all the challenges that life brings you and you will find yourself being more connected to the real you that you are.
If you truly want to commit to finding inner peace, joy and wellbeing, then these retreats are for you.

 We will be scheduling retreats for the summer and new year soon. Please call us today to learn more about the retreats or fill n the brief email  form below ( click on the show interest button) and one of our staff will contact you and answer all your questions.

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