Vitae Amor Relationships and Sexuality Seminars

Vitae Amor Seminars Opens the Doors to Love and Intimacy

Vitae Amor Seminars is offering relationship seminars.
These will benefit ALL aspects of your relationships with family, friends, lovers and spouses.

Learn to connect

Love is a Gift and it is One of the Greatest Gifts we can Give

If you have been
•    Wanting more value in your relationships
•    Wanting to feel a greater sense of love, intimacy and wellbeing
•    Want to learn effective communication
•    Want to learn effective means of communication
•    Want to learn the languages of your children and lovers
•    Want to learn a deeper way of connecting sexually
•    Fed up settling for just getting along
•    Wanting to feel alive, loved and passion

Then enquire about one of our Vitae Amore Relationships Seminars. These retreats are held in locations around Melbourne.

These seminars are a two day event.

Vitae Amor Relationship Seminars
Improve your relationships at Vitae Amor

To Give Physical Gifts Of Love, Is Never As Powerful As The Gift Of The Self, Given With Love!

You will be able to learn about the dynamics of our relationships
•    Why we tend to just drift apart
•    Why our sex lives tend to dry up
•    Why we may talk and yet we are not being heard
•    Why and how men and women differ
•    Why people feel alone and empty and wanting more

Once you become part of the Vitae Amor Community you will be provided with ongoing support, healing and monthly forums.
Each individual will be consulted as to which program best suit their needs and health status.
Our aim is to enhance your happiness and connections in your life.  We also aim to guide you through a process to greater wellbeing and vitality.
The benefits you will obtain from attending a Vitae Amor Relationships and Sexuality Seminar.
•    Create ways of spending quality time together
•    Learn important strategies of connection to others
•    To understand the true meaning of intimacy and sharing sexuality
•    Learn what satisfies men and women
•    Have a deeper love connection emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually
•    Learn to express and connect
•    Experience the passion of life once again
•    Know the true essence of a masculinity and femininity

Are you ready to improve all of the relationships in your life?

VA Relationships Seminars in Melbourne

Our facilitators have years of expertise and have worked in this industry for over 25 years. They know the importance of individualised treatment protocols and are here to love, support and challenge you to be the true person that you really are.
They have the life experience and will know what works best for you, with the added bonus of being able to provide ongoing support and healing.
This is the beginning of a new way of being, not doing. You will be empowered to start making positive changes to all the challenges that life brings you and you will find yourself being more connected to the real you that you are.
If you truly want to commit to finding inner peace, joy and wellbeing, then our seminars are for you.

 Call us today to learn more about how this seminar will change ALL the relationships you have in your life.



Are you ready to make a positive change in your life?

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