What do we Need as Human Beings?

What do we Need as Human Beings?

When we ask this question I am sure that there could a long list of answers of all the things that we need in our lives.
I need a new car, a new job, a new house, a new stereo, a new garden shed. The list could go on and on.
Though what these items? Are these things that we really need?
Are these items basic needs or possessions? Do these items give us a lasting feeling of peace, fulfilment and happiness, or are they items that will give us passing pleasure?

When looking at our human needs I would look at the needs of a child. What does a child need?
A child needs food, warmth and water. We are creatures that are social and we need others I our lives until we can fulfil these basic needs for ourselves and even when we grow older we still flourish better in social conditions.
A child also needs love, nurturing and support. It has been scientifically shown now that a child that is born in an environment without love does not grow emotionally, mentally, physically and even spiritually like children in loved environments do. Basically the more love support and nurturing the child has, the greater their development is. Children will grow if given second hand clothing, as long as they have love.

I am sure most of you have smiled at babies and been aware of what they do back. They smile. They are responding to your love.
When we see a distraught mother trying to calm a distraught baby, without much success, it will be the stress from the mother that is projecting into the baby that is not giving the child the support that it needs at this stage of its life. Then a mature person will pick up the child and hold them tight in a secure and loving and reassuring manner that this will then settle the baby.
As the baby needs support and reassurance so do we too as adults.

Try this out, it is quite an interesting exercise. Look at a baby or a toddler and give them a loving and beaming smile and see how they react and respond. Look at them another way and then see how they respond, though I would not recommend aiming to make them cry, you could be in form more than what you bargained for.

If a child is crying, with parents consent pick them up and acknowledge ytheir pains, whether it is physical or emotional. Listen to what they have to tell you even if you can not understand their language, make a conscious effort to hear their distress and acknowledge them for that. This will give a child a state of calm and security, it will help them to relax and know they are being heard. It will place them back into a state of wellbeing for this is what we truly are. We are born in a state of wellbeing and all we have done is deviated from this path and we are seeking acknowledgement and support in getting back to a state of wellbeing.

Reclaim your childhood innocence. Reclaim the childhood simplicity.
Say “Yes” to life, Say “Yes” to wellbeing and say “Yes” to love.
Go On, Say it NOW. Say it out loud and let the universe know that you truly mean it.
This is a great thing to do if you are feeling depressed. Do not close yourself off to the universe and also from your full potential.
It is said that we only use 5% of our minds, and therefore we can only be using 5% of our life potential. Are we then only using 5% of our love, of our beauty around us, our joy from nature, enjoyment from music or even 5% of all the happiness from our lives?? I think this is well worth pondering.

We function in this life at many levels. At a physical level with our bodies, on a mental level with our thoughts, on a soul level with our experiences and on a spiritual level in relation to our connection to the life force. All these levels have their own basic needs and if these needs are not being addressed the sadness, despair and depression can settle in.

Our needs come back to a true and deep love of our self. A love that is free of judgement, one that is open and honest and is a joyful acceptance of who and what we are. I feel the majority of the problems that we have in our lives comes from a lack of elf esteem, self acceptance and self love.
Are you truly happy being you?

Like communication, self love is not something we are taught at school, we are not often taught self love by our peers and parents, though it is becoming more widespread that confidence needs to be given to children to help their growth and development.
Our society today is quite sad in the fact that if we see someone practising self love we can judge them or criticize them. Society does not accentuate the positive in life and we can become focused on the negative, though the more we as individuals focus on the positive, then society itself will sway to a more positive out look. So instead of thinking people are crazy or are selfish for being successful, we can see them as determined, positive and successful.
Look at people practising self love and be inspired, touched by their ability to be free to do and feel as they like to. Look within yourself to heal what is reflected out that ails you and keeps you tied inside.

Self love and selfishness is not the same thing. Someone who is selfish will be encompassed with greed; they will be anxiously concerned with themselves, will never feel satisfied and will be driven by the fear of missing out. This person does not love themselves; in fact they are quite the opposite.

So this discussion of need brings me to another avenue of communication. How would you react when meeting someone who loves life and the self?

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